Ukraine The Smoking Gun
Posted 4 months ago by Regina B
Full NBC Exclusive: Elizabeth Warren Calls Trump-Ukraine Call 'The [...]
Warren Questions Betsy Devos
Posted 4 months ago by Regina B
Betsy DeVos Confirmation Hearing for Education Secretary | [...]
Health Care & Minimum Wage
Posted 4 months ago by Regina B
Senator Elizabeth Warren on Health Care & Minimum Wage. Senator [...]
Elizabeth Warren’s husband speaks
Posted 4 months ago by Regina B
Elizabeth Warren's husband speaks out in rare interview. 2020 [...]
Presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren
Posted 4 months ago by Regina B
The Senator from Massachusetts and presidential candidate, Elizabeth [...]
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Environmental Justice Forum
The first-ever Presidential Forum on Environmental Justice was held on [...]
Warren on the Green New Deal
Global Climate Change website hosts an extensive collection of global [...]
Protect our public lands
With a stroke of his pen, the man in the White House rolled back [...]
Universal Child Care
Another big, structural change we need: Universal Child Care. [...]
Revolving door in Washington
At an event in Columbia, South Carolina, Elizabeth answers a question [...]
Climate change
At an event in Manchester, New Hampshire, Elizabeth answers a question [...]
Tackle the housing crisis
Amber traveled 3 hours to ask Elizabeth about the housing crisis in [...]
Ultra-Millionaire Tax
The ultra-rich have rigged our economy & rigged our tax rules. We [...]
Corruption and Our Government
Corruption Right At The Heart Of Our Government. Senator Elizabeth [...]
Making Capitalism Work For All
Sen. Elizabeth Warren On Trump, Making Capitalism Work For All. Sen. [...]
Major health care reform
Elizabeth Warren: We won't win this moment with spinelessness. [...]
Warren on “Face the Nation”
Full interview of Sen. Elizabeth Warren on "Face the Nation". CBS News [...]