Democracy Club is for learning and taking part in Democracy.

It all starts with Citizenship, As a Citizen it’s up to you if our democracy works. All people need to be informed and be aware of what politicians are doing and what ones are the best to pick to lead us.

Ideas and values are under attack from inside of our country by the very people that run our country and pretend to be protecting our laws and freedom. That is why we are building a platform to educate people about ideas and not just people running for office. You can’t kill  idea’s. and what has really made American great. This is what this website is all about ideas that people have to improve our country and defend the American concept of creating a government to serve the needs of the people. We support the Democratic Party and will support whoever becomes the nominee. The Democratic Party is the only choice to preserve our counties constitution and move our country forward. Our goal is to provide news, information and learning to help people understand Democracy and how our constitution works.

Now our group fells that Elizabeth Warren is the best choice so we are campaigning to help make her become President. Our meetings are a free form format where people can just get together and talk about ideas of how to move America forward to a better place. What we like about Elizabeth Warren is her ideas that have a real message and are based on reality,respect for education and Science. Of all the people are running for President, Warren is one that stands out in the crowd. She stands up to uphold the Constitution and the rights of people. She has respect for science, education and plans for about everything. Climate change is a threat to humanity and the future of the whole human race. We can’t afford another President that will not address issues like that. We think Warren is worth fighting for. We believe she would fight for a return to a rule of law also, uphold the true meaning of what our country should stand for. Whatever happens in the primary elections her ideas need to be heard. You can help people hear her ideas and what she has to say most all people care about one thing or another.